The Cricket and Football Shop is a Territory owned and run business that has been serving Territorians since 1999.

Specialising in supplying teams, clubs and schools with sporting goods, our extensive range of sporting equipment, clothing and supplies is guaranteed to fulfill your love of sport.

The Cricket and Football Shop is owned by Territorian Graeme Flesfadar, a passionate sports fan Graeme established the company 20 years ago because he felt the Territory lacked a one stop shop for all its sporting needs.

As a player and coach, Graeme was frustrated at having to source products from southern suppliers and forking out the costs of getting items sent to Darwin. His vision was to establish a store that focus on Territorians and the sports they love.

To follow this passion Graeme has become an advocate for Territorians playing in National competitions.

Catch us at festivals across the territory as we support community events!